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Amazon banned my account for having too many delivery problems tell me whats amazons excuse for bullying their customers whom by the way put money in amazons wallet for something the customer has no control over? i am going to do an investigation on amazon look into how amazon has bullied customers and sellers and anyone else amazon has ever bullied i have lawyers in the family who were in military law and are respected by 3 different politicians amazon you have bullied the wrong person this time first off i rarely get my packages from amazon | THEN I GET BULLIED FOR IT!?!?!!?!?! what the f**k is wrong with your dumb a**es amazon? huh? all the f**king money and power gone to your head and think its ok to be a cyber bully? you f**ks could wipe your a**es with $100 bills but it isn’t enough so you bully customers for your mistakes!?!?!?! well you have cyber bullied the wrong f**king person this time a** holes you should be grateful i even stayed with you considering how i almost never get my god d**m packages i can and will go after you for cyber bullying and looking at all the articles i found online about amazon being a cyber bully it wont be hard to do

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