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Beware of Alternative Office Services

Alternative Office Services worked on our office cubicles. We are a well known company. Our regional manager was left speechless and appalled at the brazenly unprofessionalism Alternative Office Services brought to our campus. A worker on their work crew relentlessly banged on a piece of furniture stuck in a cubicle wall. He damaged it beyond repair and had to jerry rig the tabletop he was installing just so it would stand up. My female coworkers could not believe the foul mouths on each and every one of these unprofessional workers. It was just absolutely unbelievable. Their work crew was very unorganized and appeared to not know what they were doing. I was told they hired temporary employees from a local temporary agency which was so outrageous. Can you believe that? Don’t they know how ignorant that makes Alternative Office Services look? Hiring “temps” says a lot about a business these days and it sure made Alternative Office Services look dreadful. We are still in shock at the atrocious behavior from Alternative Office Services. | To the owners: Are you sure you want to be in business anymore? Do you have any idea what happens with your employees? Not only were we charged an absolutely unbelievable fee, but we had to call in another office furniture company to finish the job after they were supposedly done. Needless to say, but we will never ever even think about hiring this horrifying company again. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! Feel free to contact me if you’ve also had a horrendous experience with this company.

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