Allocation Adjustment Services

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Beware of Allocation Adjustment Services

After receiving a text message from someone I dont know- who simply googled and found my information- I was informed that someone from 860-506-6335 had beenm calling daily informing them that they were coming to find me via courts. When I called I immedateily asked to correct my phone number- the original person was very professional and helpful. I then informed her that I had no idea what this was about and wanted to take what ever steps were necissary to resolve whatever the issue was. I was then transferred to a woman who informed me that a company called WEB LOAN had hired them and that they were not collection agency and that this was a court matter BUT if I paid them 2K+ they would stop this from court. (Not sure how that is not a collection agency). | I asked for an email or mail to confirm the debt and who I was paying and she said: 1) NO; 2) That I was interrogating her. I told her, ok i need to record this as well can you please restate your name and company and then can we discuss a payment plan- as you must understand how uncomfortable it is to hand over 2K to somoene whos number doesnt even pull up on a google search. I was told I can “google all i want” and that I needed to stop interrogating her, she then kept repeating what I was saying. I then stayed silent waited for her to stop- she then went silent as well. I simply stated “Im not sure what to say here…” She then said “please hold im sending you to legal” I left “legal” a voicemail. My concern is that I was told I could have a payment plan- but now im being told im “interrogating” and no longer being helped. How can I even win here? Im one of the ones who was willing to pay you even if that was a stupid idea. Im sure she just saved me a headache. I have searched the judicial system to be certain I have no docket or order and found that I do not. So she clearly is either exlpaining herself incorrectly or lying.

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