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Beware of Allied Universal Security Services

Allied Universal Security, formerly Universal Protection, different name same people are pure law breakers. The management is so corrupt and scandolous to a point where they are just down right repugnunt. In 2016 AUS bought out ABM my former employer including the accounts I use to work at as a security officer with ABM. one day in 2016 I went to visit my old site in Seattle and was illegally trespassed from the site by the current sup for no reason other than racial. AUS did no investigation, but protected the sup in his lies. But the DAR/ IR are the tell all instruments of the trade, be they lies or the truth. I went to the union seiu local 6 with my complaint against the company. | The union SIC SOBS attempted to sit on their hands and do nothing hoping that the statute of limitations would expire on my claim against AUS thus rendering my complaint null and void against AUS. I even reported to the union that AUS was not paying me the minimum call amount of pay per the union contract agreement. Sic SOBS did nothing about it. If the S/O s were to not tolerate this type of scrap then AUS would stop their BS. Not only was I racially profiled by the sup, but my character was defamed as well by the sup and the other officers whom harassed me at the job site. The WSHRC is currently investigating the crooks, and will most likely uncover all kinds of corruption surrounding this company. | My friend was employed by this monster for a month before they falsely accused him of sleeping and not doing his job, on the swing shift mind you in full view of the cameras, give me a break. This guy has has been in the security field for more than 10 yrs, and is a senior computer science major at the University Of Washington. This guy and myself top notch officers all the way. I hope and pray that a class action law suite gets launched against this monster real soon, and maybe, just maybe, this monster will be brought down to it’s belly. If the officers continue to be weak and scared for their job, which means just over broke according to the author of the book rich dad poor dad. Me, I can’t wait for my day in court, so that the chips can fall where they may. If you work for AUS, you better watch your back.

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