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Beware of Alcon Lab Inc Research Library

I purchased 8 boxes of Alcon Choice Dailies Total contacts with my eye doctor and was given information for a rebate. As soon as I received my contacts in the mail a week later on August 16, I submitted the rebate. I received a confirmation email with claim # UKFGPJFMVT stating to allow 6-8 weeks for the rebate to be processed. | On September 28 (less than the 6-8 week time period), I checked the status of my rebate online. It stated “The rebate information you have entered has been declined for not meeting the requirements of the program.” There was no reason given and I received no notification of the dismissal. I sent them an email to the email address provided in the confirmation that day inquiring about the status and what I could do to fix it. I received no response. | On October 9, I called the rebate office. I was then told that I was 2 days outside of my 60 day date of purchase (which was on August 9) and was no longer eligible for the rebate. I was advised that the rebate was declined due to not attaching a receipt of the original eye lens fitting appointment (which I had a week prior to the purchase of the contacts). When I notified them that I sent an email within the time frame and received no response, I was advised that nothing could be done because I had not reached out within 30 days of the resolution (which had apparently been on August 27 so I was off by 1 day). I stated that I had not received a notification so therefore was unaware, and there is no note that a response to the resolution is needed within 30 days, and was told that they do not send out notifications and they are working to fix that problem since there have been numerous complaints. I was then told that it was up to my “due diligence” to check the status online or by phone, and that the 6-8 weeks is an estimate for processing not a time frame for dismissals (which is also not noted anywhere). | When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told the call could be “escalated” but that a supervisor will take 2 weeks to return my call just to tell me the same thing. | In summary, the rebate is a scam and they have horrible customer service.

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