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Beware of Albert

My account had fraud after signing up with this service. I can’t prove it was this company but take that as you will. I had to close my checking account and open a new one. When I went to transfer my savings balance to my new account, I couldn’t. I verified the account with my log in information which of course allows them to take my money but the plead ignorance when it comes time to return it. | They asked for bank statements and ID. That was sent within 10 minutes. I included BOTH the new and old account statement which clearly showed the balance transfer and closure. They still wanted to mail me my savings deposit via snail mail. Funny how they take it but don’t want to give it back! | I then got an email that my withdrawal was “approved “ …. um it’s my money, It better be approved!! Of course, 3-5 days for your check to go out. I finally get the check, IT BOUNCES!! UNBELIEVABLE. This company literally stole my money!! DO NOT LET THEM INTO YOUR ACCOUNT!

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