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Beware of Advanced Lash

I purchased NuVega Lash serum thinking it was a one time purchase. My bank put a hold on my card because a charge for $99.99 seemed suspicious. I called the bank and they confirmed they DECLINED the charge but told me I was enrolled in a MONTHLY program because of my purchase and had to call the company first or they could keep charging me. I read these things carefully and didn’t see anything about a monthly program. I called the number 800.949.6405 for the company Advanced Lash and was on hold for 45 minutes. Finally, someone came on the line, offered me a 50%discount if I stayed on their program, which I declined, and confirmed that I was canceled out of all recurring and current charges. We will see. | Result: | I burned over 1 hour and 40 minutes of time on the phone this morning resolving this. | I THANK BANK OF AMERICA for their fraud and consumer protection program. | I will NEVER buy cosmetics from other than Amazon or a reputable retailer again. | Posting this so you don’t fall into the same trap.Not everyone is so lucky – they lose the first $99. So this company is getting a TON of money from unsuspecting consumers. | Think – why sell under one company name, charge under a different company name, then call a different company name? Why is it necessary to put people on hold for 45 minutes? Think they will get tired, give up, forget to call at another time? Most people don’t get their first $99 back – lost to a scam.

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