Advanceable Technology, LLC.

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Beware of Advanceable Technology, LLC.

Like so many others, I ordered what I believed was a free trial of CBD oil from a Facebook ad. I was only suppose to pay $5 for shipping costs. | I remember being asked if I also wished to purchase a CBD infused balm to which I clicked the “no thanks” button and the next thing I know, they are thanking me for ordering the balm. I immediately sent them an email letting them know that I didn’t want the balm. I never got a reply to this email. | I ended up getting the CBD oil and the unordered balm anyway. Also, I don’t remember seeing that this was a monthly subscription and was surprised when I was charged $150 for the products the next month. | If you try to call the provided number to cancel your subscription and to try and get your money back you are never able to talk to an adult who can cancel your subscription. I finally was able to cancel my subscription by sending an email to them. However, I am still out the $150 that I did not authorize to be taken from my checking account.

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