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On 11-30-2016 I contacted Michelle about purchasing a cream female French Bulldog puppy as a Christmas gift for my sons. I chose to get the puppy from Michelle since in Feb 2016 I had purchased a puppy and had no issues with the transaction. Right off the bat this transaction was different. At first I dealt with Suly and she told me the price would be $1200.00 if I paid cash or $1800.00 if I paid for the puppy with a credit card. That should have been my first redflag but again I brushed it off since I had previously received a puppy. Since I did not want to pay an additional $600.00 I did a cash deposit into their bank account for the $1200.00. Red Flag 2 should have been paying the full amount before I had my puppy. Previously I only had to pay a deposit and the balance at delivery. I received my receipt and a delivery date of 12-20-2016. | Two days before delivery I receive an email stating that her vet was out of town for the holidays and that my puppy would not be delivered until 01-06-17. Very dissapointing since the puppy was bought as a Christamas gift but since we were so excited to get another pup it was fine. Then on 01-02-17 I was sent another email stating delivery had to be pushed back another week because her vet was busy. On 01-15-17 I was again supposed to have my puppy delivered but was then told that she had worms. Michelle said she had another vet that she would take the puppy to so I could hopefully get the health certificate and still have my puppy delivered. Didn’t happen, the second vet apparently also found a parasite. I was told it would take 2 weeks for treatment. I asked multiple times what the parasite was but was never given an answer. 02-19-2017 was the final date I was given for delivery. That morning I was told that the puppy wouldn’t be delivered because it had worms again. Michelle said I could wait or she would refund my money. I asked for a refund. | On 02-22-2017 I sent an email as requested by Michelle stating that I wanted the refund of my $1200.00. I was told that in 12-14 business days a money order would be mailed to me. On 03-12-2017 I received an email stating that I would be receiving my refund “soon” and she wanted to make sure someone would be home to sign for it. I assured her I would be available but the refund was never sent. On 04-05-2017 I emailed trying to find out where my refund was and was told that Michelle was on maternity leave. I told her I didn’t care because my refund was well past due. I was then told to please set up a Google Wallet account so she could send it electronically since that was so much quicker (this was never an option to me in the beginning.) On 04-08-2017 I was told that the funds were pending in Google Wallet and would be available to be sent to me in 24-48 hours but they were never sent. Finally on 05-03-2017 she sent my refund via Google Wallet but after I tried to claim the funds the transaction was closed by Google Wallet and I never received them. When I contacted Google to find out what happened they said there was no problem on my end and to have Michelle contact them. I did that and Michelle said she needed to wait 72 hours and then would re-send. That never happened. I have not heard from Michelle since even though I sent multiple emails asking that she refund my money.

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