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Beware of Acqua Flamingos

Dear readers who are more than likely stumbling upon this information looking into buying property at the acqua flamingos nuevo vallarta development or from one of the accused real estate companies or agents: do not invest your money with these damaged companies, people and properties. There is a lot of political unrest that has taken place as a result of people in positions of public power abusing of innocent investors by shamelessly and remorselessly stealing properties in the forging of a single document. When you do business with these people you are supporting the degradation of mexico and the kidnapping and murdering of innocent people. These people are all known to directly deal with affiliated officials whom are known to take orders from cartels as the rest of mexico. | The truth is you are either renting property belonging to persons who are unaware it is being used, or its been stolen from them. In the case of purchasing a property you will make payments only to find out you are not even allowed onto the public spaces of the developments. In the case of hiring an attorney they will take retainers and try to leech every cent they can from you but they will not even put in a formal lawsuit because they know if they do they face grave danger. I am telling you this from my own experience and the experience of dozens of others that i am directly in contact with. In my personal experience, rodrigo hicks who is the new owner of the development acqua flamingos forged documents at the public notary number 5 in tepic, nayarit. | I heard through a neighbour that my unit was being rented out through maru michel at re/max puerto vallarta. He phone number is 322-135-5762 … I tried calling her several times to tell her to stop and she mocked me over the phone and told me that i could do nothing about it! so i went down to deal with the situation and they wouldnt even let me on the public spaces! when i went to see maru michel she called the police who swiftly arrived and escorted me. I have spent 5 years of my life and over a hundred thousand dollars dealing with this matter and have not gotten anywhere. Cases like this happen all over mexico! this is just one of the few situations you can be warned in but be weary of how you invest your money. If you would like to dig deeper into this you can email me or make a public rebuttal.

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