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Beware of AAMCO Transmissions, Inc.

I took my 2007 Ford F-150 to aamco in Wilmington Ma , was greeted by Anthony and told they would call me when they knew what was wrong with my truck . I got a call later that day saying I needed a transmission rebuild and cooler lines and maybe a torque converter. 2300 without converter and worst case scenario 2700 !! I asked 2 times because Anthony talks in circles. Worst case 2700 !! Ok I agreed at that price to have work done ! I get a call 2 days later from Anthony, do I want the bad news or the good news ? He says transmission is out but I need another part that’s going to cost 1000 more ! After saying you told me worst case 2700 his is this possible? This part is on outside of transmission he says ! But he will do it at cost . It was my cooler lines but he told me about those when I got first amount . I said whatever, my transmission is out so I have no choice do I ! S0 he said come over and he would show me what he was talking about, I emailed him a day later and said just do the cooler lines , he says it’s a electric sensor , won’t know if I need cooler lines until transmission is off the truck ? I said you told me it was off already so I get a feeling he don’t know who he is talking to . So I agreed to have them fix the problem. I pick up my truck and I’m given a 12 month, 12000 mike warranty, I notice on booklet he gave me a rebuilt transmission gets a 18 month 18000 mile warranty and I’m still trying to get this fixed . Now I get in my truck and notice right away it sounds louder and drives different, I told them next day they said my computer was relearning . Well it started slipping and shifting hard in all gears and no power in overdrive on highway . They took it and said that nothing was wrong, that it was the powerful parts they used and if I don’t like it they can put ford parts in , I drove it for a while and took it back after trying for a month to get a day they could take me . I asked talk to owner and a refund and they took truck in to fix it . Now the owner calls me and says they did find a transmission issue but my shaking issue on highway is motor mounts and a ball joint !! Now they said they did a full inspection on my truck before they did original work and truck was perfect , now it has all these issues! I call bull ! Stay away from this place ! They are liars

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