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Beware of AA Auto Protection

On 7/25/2011 I purchased a powertrain plus warranty from AA auto protection. The person that sold it to me was Anthony Cruz. He explained that for a $50 deductible I would be covered for just about anything that could break on my 2006 ford f-150 4 wheel drive. The truck had 147111 miles on it when I bought it from a local dealer.He emphasised the coverages that I was most concerned about, mainly the motor, transmission, 4 wheel drive, air conditioning that they were all covered fully!!! He went on to say that the only thing that would not be covered because of the mileage on the truck was seals and gaskets. | On 5/21/2012 I took my truck to the ford dealer with motor problems, They contacted the warranty company and started a claim. The diagnosis so far is that cylinder 3 is where the problem is. They found the valve keeper missing and that the valve had dropped and seized in the head causing damage to the head and camshaft. the head needs replacing and needs to be removed for further inspection. AA says that is not covered and refuses to pay for anything. the contract states under what is covered 1 ENGINE All internally lubricated parts. It also says blocks and cylinder heads are covered if breakdown was caused by an internally lubricated part. The dealer said it was definitely caused by an internally lubricated part and should be covered, but the warranty company says no. | I need help!!! I want to sue this company to get my truck fixed!!! I cant afford to make truck payments, warranty payments and pay to fix the truck!!! The truck is still at the dealer but nothing is being done. I cant work without the truck so I cant earn money to keep all the payment up. PLEASE HELP!!!

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