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Beware of A440 PIanos

My wife and I had been in the market for baby grand pianos to purchase for my seven year old son. We came along one on Craigslist and went to look at it. The owners were very sweet they lived in an upscale home which they took very good care of. We felt they probably took great care of the piano as well but as novices to piano’s we felt getting a professional opinion prior to purchasing would be a good idea. | That’s when we ran across Pascal Vieillard who owns A440 Pianos in Lilburn GA. I explained to him I found what I thought to be a decent piano at a good price but that I was no piano expert and needed professional advice on whether the piano was worth the money and in decent shape. He said he would meet me at the house and that their was a $125 fee for the consultation. I agreed and we met the next day at the sellers home. | The first thing he says to the owner when we walk in the door is that piano is a “Piece of crap” which I thought was a little rude and odd. | He briefly looked it over and when I mean briefly it was more like 5 seconds of diagnosis. I asked him how it played and what he thought (again he never sat down and played the piano only dinked on a few keys) he responded “terrbile”. Pascal then proceeded to make up some stories about the strings being rusted out and that a few of the keys were dead. He told me it would cost more to fix it up than it was worth. Again I thought it was all a little strange as the owner had been maintaining the piano by having it tuned fairly reguarly and the fact was that her home was clean enough to eat off the floors. He advised me to walk away from the piano and to call him next week he would find me somthing better. Not knowing any better I followed his advice and left. | A few hours later I got the feeling that maybe this guy wasn’t telling me the truth. I texted the seller to see if she would take a reduced price and she texted back that she had sold the piano to Pascal. She explained that as soon as I left he came back to the house, knocked on the door and negotiated a deal. | My wife and I were blown away we couldn’t believe we had put our trust in a supposedly reputable piano dealer only to have him swindle it away from us. I called Pascal immediately and confronted him about his actions. His reply was that “I had told him I didn’t want it” I asked him about his comments concerning the piano and the condition and why he would want it and why he would go behind my back to purchase the piano. His reply, “I can sell this peice of junk on ebay for double the price the owner was asking. And that their is a sucker born every day”. I explained to him I felt that his actions were dishonest and that he had screwed me out of a piano. I also asked him to tear up the consultation fee check I had written him as I didn’t feel it was owed given he gave me a dishonest opinion of the piano only to extort the piano from both me and the owner. Over the phone he said he would but 3 days later the check was cashed. This man is dishonest, a thief, an extortionist and a criminal which was later found out by doing a search on his name in google.

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