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14 September 2019

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Dr Kamei is an arrogant scum. I had taken my cats there for a checkup and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

So Dr Kamei wound up hitting me up after a day when she should’ve given me my feline’s blood work results. Her call came at around 9 pm. I anticipated her call during ordinary business hours and it’s evident she just hit me up so late during the evening because of the survey I left. This office is tied in with up selling you notwithstanding when you needn’t bother with anything. Furthermore, their costs are high as can be and they attach things like “OSHA Medical Biohazard Waste Fee” at $10 a pop for every pet to cushion their bills. Dr Kamei demanded that I should acquire my feline at regular intervals when his medications need a refill while my old vet just restores the remedies for as long as a year If I have no issues to report as she simply needs to see him for a yearly test. Dr Kamei addressed me “Well you know whenever a feline takes the drug they should be intently checked”. Better believe it that precisely who can stand to get their HEALTHY pet checked 3 times each year at the costs this spot charges??? Dr Kamei likewise demanded face to face and on the telephone that I bring the two felines in about fourteen days to have their weight checked – she was talking to me as if she suspected that I was starving them because they had both shed pounds from their last encounter with their old vet. Neither of them was remotely underweight BTW. Indeed, even after I clarified that I had spent most of my last year attempting to adjust the food they ate for quite a long time. I had to spend a lot of time in finding the right food for both of them. They both have different tastes and it took me several weeks before I could finally stick to a specific product. Additionally, Dr Kamei prescribed teeth cleaning for my felines and I disclosed to her it simply was not in my budget. Rather than being understanding she answered like a trade-in vehicle sales rep with “Well you know if you don’t spend the cash now you’ll wind up spending significantly moreover in the long run.” If I was simply being shabby! What’s more, one final thing – nobody at this office is agreeable. Dr Kamei talked over me, rejected me and conversed with me like I was a foolish kid. The front work area staff was not decent or supportive. All things considered, managing this vet/practice has been one of the most noticeably terrible encounters in my 20 years as a pet owner.
I regret taking my pet to this clinic, but it wasn’t entirely my fault as it’s difficult to find a good vet in the area I live in. I hope all others can learn from my experience!

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