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Full of irritating flaws. Not worth your money.

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date published
14 September 2019

posted by
Kevin Andrews

My first visit to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino was horrible. My uncle requested me to assist him on his work trip. As I was travelling with a disabled man who was in a wheelchair I paid extra attention to every little detail. Upon our arrival, the valet attendant forgot to inform me about the $20 daily fee. I complained to him and he called in for security. The security persons did not pay any attention neither showed any concerns for this ongoing situation. Ugh! I better not talk about the people who visit this hotel, I cannot put into words and explain the number of bad manners each person here has who walks in and out of doors. My uncle usually goes to strip for work purposes as he has his clients on the strip otherwise he never likes to visit this Hotel. I was carrying a table of 20 LB and was also pulling the wheelchair. Hoards of people were coming out of nowhere and drunk people were bumping into me. I wonder how this place has become an important spot for parents and children, even the babies in strollers? Any educated parent who is bringing his child here should feel ashamed, there are so many druggies, drunkard and hookers around. There is an unimaginable amount of smoke in the whole area. Do they even like their babies inhaling this harmful smoke which is injurious to health? It does not make sense at all! After these tribulations, I got into the hotel and asked for a check-in. The lady on the counter told me that I’ll get a text when the room is ready. Even after 2 hours of waiting the room was still not ready and my uncle was tired by then. They informed me that the room is taking long to be ready since I paid for the view of water fountains. After another hour of waiting, I got my room and went inside. The toilet was dirty, there was a lot of ash under the toilet seat and no handwash was available too. The weird thing about their room service is that they do no offer any coffee or juice, probably they want people to buy coffee or juice from their expensive restaurants. Flower vases in the room were extremely gaudy. I needed a refrigerator to keep some medications from my uncle, but I was told that only the casino had a refrigerator. I peeked inside the casino but it was very smoky and ashy, there is no proper filtration system and I had to move out immediately. I took a stroll in the lobby area which is full of expensive retail shops. I stopped by a dessert shop, apparently its boasts of having the world’s largest chocolate fountain. It was way too expensive to waste my money on. I wanted to check out as soon as my uncle’s work was done. This hotel has all the glam show with a gaudy presentation to hide their flaws and I’m not impressed!

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