Bell Monility Palm Pre

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Bell Monility Palm Pre | Random Charge/Defective Phone

SummaryGave me a defective phone day of sale that I had to switch.2 Months later Palm Pre defective again and now had to send it in and wait 2 months.Had to pay 300$ for a temp phone.Had a random charge on my bill last month of 20$. (they did credit me it back)Here we go… My Palm Pre stopped working. Went to get it switched where I purchased it (Futurshop) they told me I had to go to a Bell Store. Went to Centrum Bell store, they told me I need to go to a corporate store. Went to Merival, they told me future shops receipt isn’t legit to have my phone replaced. Called Futurshop to ask for legit receipt… See More … See Morethey told me that is the only receipt they can give me. WTF!!! I ask him so how am I supposed to replace my phone… his response “I don’t know”… yeah I hung up. Finally we tried to combined two documentation papers to make a receipt… hopefully it works. THERES PROBLEM NUMBER 1.NUMBER 2… Needed a temp phone. My old Sanyo 1 no good since I’m on a data plan if I switched out of my data plan my bill would be around 200$. So i said fine give me a data plan phone the response “we don’t do that for the Palm Pre” WTF!!! I had to throw down a 300$ deposit on a temp phone… while I wait about 2 months for my new Palm Pre (if my receipt is legit, if not…500$ bill for me to get it replaced) to come in. FUCK BELL MOBILITY AND THE PALM PRE.It is always the CUSTOMERS fault and we just want YOUR money seems like a reasonable motto for Bell Mobility. FUCK.

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