Bell Home phone

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Bell Home phone | Harasment

Bell Canada is harassing me daily due to there mistake of over-billing and calling my house up to 16 times today. I have paid my bill through my bank but there system says i owe more which on a number of occasions had estblished with multipal customer rep, from bell week prior. the error in the sytem wont be corrected til feburary, and i was told i have to tolerate the phone calls till then. this has become harasiment, being awkened by bell at 8 am this saterday morning and they have been calling numerous times since. why should have to tolerate this? why do these giant corporate companies that out sourced and digitalized the customer service to the point of constant harrasment. I’ve tried to explain to each rep i have spoken too but there is nothing i can do. these companies need to answer to some one, it time standards are set and implimented

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