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Bell Canada | Charges for no reason

I have been with bell for about one year now, and i pay my bill every month, in the month of march i paid my bill in 4 payments through out the month all the payments were before the due date of the bill, I made the first 3 payments by internet and then the 4th payment by credit card just so that i wasn’t late paying the bill. when i confirmed the payment that my bill would be at $0.00 they sent me a conf that it was currently at $0.00 we have even been checking online to make sure, because every month no matter how much we give them the bill never seems to be at zero the next month there is always a forwarded balance so yesterday ( april 13th 2011) our bill was still at $0.00, today when i got home from work i checked again and we had received out monthly bill, so i check the bill and my bill is over the amount that it should be, so i looked closely trying to figure out why that was and i noticed that there was once again a forwarded balance on my new bill. i am so fed up and don’t know what to do at this point, i pay my bills in full before they are do and then all of a sudden there is a forwarded balance, is anyone else having this problem???..

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