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Delivered my goods 3 weeks late!

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19 September 2019

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I moved into a hotel to have my belongings moved to the new address. Unfortunately, the company had no clue of where the new address is and weren’t familiar with the area.
It is a total rip off for me!
They cost me double charges to stay at the hotel and the goods weren’t delivered to my new address until three weeks passed by. I chose Bekins Moving Solutions to have my belongings moved because it sounded convenient. Since my troubles have increased with the company I am sorry to have contacted them.
The terrible customer’s services have disappointed my contact with the company. I was getting no response from them and I had no idea when I will leave this hotel. They aren’t reliable and don’t care about their customer’s needs.
I had no confirmation of where my belongings were placed and this frustrated me.
I won’t recommend Bekins Moving Solutions to anyone to experience the horrible services as I have during that time. No professionalism and trained skills for customer’s service. The extra charges I paid for long stays at the hotel wouldn’t get me back my life to normal living for a long time. I wasted a week on extra charges and I won’t give this company another opportunity of building up for the poor management and lack of communication skills when I needed it.
I waited for three weeks for my delivery, and it wasn’t pleasant or happy for me. The packing crew didn’t do an excellent job with my belongings. They loaded my belongings in a different order and wasn’t packed to avoid accidents. They didn’t care for packing fragile goods and heavy materials to one side.
The entire process wasn’t successful. My belongings were damaged and they left me with most of my belongings in pieces. No need to call on a company such as this one to make moving jobs lighter for you.
It doesn’t work with higher costs to pay, and for the damaged goods you get back from delivery as I have experienced. Bekins Moving Solutions don’t share what I expected and won’t go back to fix any issues. It was their fault and I have had enough inexperienced behaviors from this company.
Poor planning of delivery services and hopeless communication from the staff members.
Don’t use this company for its negligence and dissatisfaction I received.
The slow process of loading my belongings into the vehicle didn’t make me feel secure in having my belongings delivered on time to my new address. Drivers are not familiar with the area is another negative for me from this company.
No experience in the job and no response from the company of my belongings.
The delayed process caused me to pay extra than my planned budget at hotels and at restaurants.
No good reason to call on Bekins Moving Solutions to make your deliveries faster and on schedule.
It won’t happen so don’t waste money on the company for quick and efficient deliveries to your home address.

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