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I would like to complain about the service I have received from regarding the handing of my bed frame and mattress. I ordered both of these on the 23rd August and called to specify that I cannot receive the items until the 11th Aug or after as the 11th is the date I will be moving into the property. The lady on the phone assured me that I will not receive the bed until after move in date and I will be contacted to arrange a suitable delivery date. On the morning of the 11th at 6:30am I was woken up by my phone ringing. It was a delivery man outside my property (that I was due to move into that day but obviously has not received the keys at such an early time in the day) I explained I won”t receive the keys until 2pm so that is the earliest time I would be available. the driver then called to say this cannot be done and he will come tomorrow. I was frustrated by this as I think that even if I had already moved into the property, 6:30am is a ridiculous time to call a customer. Also, the fact that he was not willing to neogitiate and come later was frustrating and I received no apology. The delivery man called me back an hour later to say that he could come at 2pm if I text him my address and once I had texted, he replied instantly to say that was fine. Once at the property from 2pm I received the keys and waited until 6pm. I called the delivery man 5 times with no luck and response. I called on Saturday 12th to find out what had happened only to be informed that because “I wasn”t at the property at the time of the delivery then it had been rearranged until Wednesday. ” I explained that I was not at the property at 6 in the morning because it was in my details that my move in day was the 11th and there is no way anyone would be moving in at 6.30am. I also explained that I rearranged for 2 and made many attempts to contact the driver but with no luck. I received no apology from the employee on the phone about the delivery change until Wednesday. I slept on the floor until Wednesday. Then on Wednesday, my bed frame successfully arrived at the time I was texted it would. However, there was no sign of my mattress so I called again who explained that they believe my mattress will be delivered sometime this week. They couldn”t provide a date or time that it would be expected. As I had ordered my bed weeks beforehand I was not impressed. I was also told that the bed delivery people tried to deliver on the 31st July but I wasn”t in. I then went to explain once again that I did not move until the 11th and this was made very clear in my delivery details. Today is the 16th August, over 3 weeks since I ordered my bed, and I am still without a mattress and sleeping on the floor for the past week. I would like some compensation for the poor service and lack of communication in the handling of my delivery. Regards Louisa Ogborne


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