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14 September 2019

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I do not have any of my friends or family in town so my husband and I started searching for a dental clinic for our daughter. If there had been some friends and family, they might have suggested someplace. She has always been scared of doctors and dentists’ so making her feel comfortable is quite a job to be done to perfection. To be honest, this anxiety my daughter faces has been one of my flaws. She has inherited all this from me so I can understand her situation to the very deep.
The experience I had with these crooks was the worst I’ve ever had with any kind of clinic at all. Now I’m wondering why I even went there in the first place? The thing I hated the most was the professionalism of the dentists. They don’t know how to talk to children and they certainly don’t take their job seriously.
After a lot of research on the internet, we decided to take her to Bear Brook Dental Care. They are located in Montvale, New Jersey. To be honest they suck at their services. I took my daughter for a regular dental checkup and it was a disaster. I thought of not posting any review but seeing her in pain made me do it. The clinic sucks in everything. The dentists at Bear Brook Dental Care are highly unprofessional. They have no sense of responsibility. Getting an appointment was a big issue. Like the dentists were not at all free; some were out of town and some were busy in personal life. After two days of struggle, we finally got an appointment. The clinic was not clean at all. Being a clean freak, it was my husband who made me sit at the clinic. The dentist was asked for a simple dental checkup and mouth cleaning but he was not able to do that either. He was continuously using Google for assistance and his age did not make me feel like he was a fresh graduate. I also told the dentist beforehand to comfort my daughter first as she is anxious when it comes to treatments but the dentist himself needed someone to calm him down.
At the time of billing, my husband was shocked to see the charges. Just for a regular checkup and mouth cleaning, they had charged us $1000. The dentist had prescribed a mouthwash and changed my daughter’s toothpaste too. These simple medications cost a fortune. The place is extremely expensive and the services are not even worth it. If somebody ever asks me about a dentist, I would warn them about the clinic. Lack of training and skills is the main reason for all the issues I faced there. It is my experience and honest advice from my side is that DO NOT VISIT BEAR BROOK DENTAL CARE. They are just money-making machines and have no sense of responsibility.

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