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A Threat To Animals!!

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18 September 2019

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These guys are responsible for the death of my pet! If they had taken his case seriously, he might still be here with me.
I loved him. Alas! It’s all past tense now. Let me share how did it all go: I had a cute little German Sheperd. He was like the light of my life. One fine day, I wasn’t feeling well, so I sent him out with my house help. She came in for checking something and 5 minutes later, I saw my pup coming home with a crushed leg. I was terrified and felt guilty at the same time for not going out myself. I could see tears dropping from his eyes and the pain was visible from his expressions. At that very moment, I rushed to the nearest clinic which was Bayview Animal Clinic. The doctor on duty was Dr Krista and I made my way towards her.
I paid the fees and completed the formalities, though I was a bit angry on them for not treating my dog first but resisted thinking it will all prove beneficial for him at the end but I was wrong. That dog was a part of me and I was ready to do anything to see him back in health. Soon after they examined my pup and told me it needed surgery. His leg was broken in two pieces. After two hours, the operation went successful and we came home that night. The expected recovery time was 2 to 3 weeks. I had a gut feeling that something is not right and they should have kept him in the intensive care unit for at least a day. I took him again the next day but they assured that everything was well and there was no need to admit him. 4 weeks later, he was really weak. I didn’t understand what was going on and was worried about seeing him losing his health. I wasn’t satisfied with them since the very first day when they sent him back home but kept thinking that I’m being oversensitive as the doctors were positive. After 4 weeks, I took him to another hospital for a second opinion. They didn’t take the case and didn’t tell me either what was wrong, they just told me to rush back to the hospital I got the treatment from. I was on the way to Bayview when my dog passed away due to mishandling of the accident. It only took five weeks for them to kill my dog.
I went to the clinic and filed a complain but they never admitted and kept saying that I didn’t take care of him well. I left the case as there was no use, nothing could bring back my dog but a genuine opinion, never trust your pets with BayView Animal hospital. They are killers.

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