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14 September 2019

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I had the worst experience with this clinic and I would strongly advise you to avoid this place. This clinic is a total sham because the dentists don’t know what they are supposed to do, the staff doesn’t care about the patients and the entire place is mismanaged. If you could, go someplace else. After reading my experience, I’m pretty sure that you’d understand why I’m recommending you to avoid this hellhole.
I recently moved into the town of Baton Rouge, so I don’t know much about it. Lately, I had a dental problem or to be precise a problem with my gums as they cover half of my teeth and needed cosmetic surgery. I wanted to consult a dentist so I started searching on the internet for dentists nearby. I checked my insurance and saw which one is the best in terms of their services. As I was new to town, I was a little bit nervous about it. I research some of the dental clinics in the town and read some of the reviews and decided to make an appointment with one of the dental clinics which seemed to be nice according to their reviews but well that wasn’t the case. I chose Baton Rouge Perio for my surgery and I am regretting my decision.
First, those bastards did not give me an appointment as per my choice. That made me uncomfortable but I was new to town so avoided any more hassles. I agreed to their terms and even ignored their extraordinary expensive treatment. I did not like their environment at all and the attitude of all the staff members and even the dentists was pretty annoying. Nonetheless, the treatment began and I do not know what was wrong with the dentist. He said I had some infection in my gums which must be cured first. Like I do not feel any pain or anything but still, there was something wrong. I asked for a report or something that could make things clearer for me but that was not possible because of some ‘policy’. I consulted another dentist out of curiosity and finding the other one was a whole lot of trouble but I had to do it. The second opinion was clear and there was nothing wrong. The bastards charged me for cosmetic surgery which I did not get and there was a no refund policy too.
I am never going back to that clinic again. I would also suggest everyone stay miles away from Baton Rouge Perio if you need your mouth to be treated. They will charge higher than other clinics with persuasive reasons to defend the expensiveness. The results will be nothing and you will regret the decision your entire life like me. A lot of people would say that health is important than money but what would you do if you pay a lot and still get no results? Health is everybody’s priority but spending on clinics like Baton Rouge Perio is recklessness.

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