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Barrister Global Services Network Review

Barrister Global Services Network

I was working with Barrister in the past several years on and off. Under the BAS32299 id They deactivated me and did not tell me why or how I could correct it. I asked and it deactivated by the vi of the company. I have asked for a call back o I could talk with him to the matter resolved. So in the past few months I took a project job not with barrister and when it ended I asked tech support if I could come back and work with them. So they proceeded to send me the starter pack and the next thing I was receiving calls and doing them for 2 days and I called in and asked why am I not get any more calls and they told me to call customer service which I did and they told me it was deactivated by the VP of the company. How does not return calls. The tech support hold times are terrible trying to get a hold of a tech and also customers serve as well. I do have experience in fixing things but in the past it was their tech support that caused me problems and made me run later to a 3rd call and this not knowing how to correct things is upsetting and a lot of the clients like the work that I do and I have gotten good reviews in the past. It seems that barrister accepts no responsibility for anything dealing with Contractors and they are bad at communication and they will deactivate you with out telling you. They will just cancel calls and your contact with go quiet. I have enjoyed working with them and I have done a great job over all I did have a bumps on the way but those are all corrected and would like to be given another chance to work with them.


  1. Adan Mote May 23, 2020
  2. Meri Kitchin May 23, 2020
  3. Akilah Oravec May 23, 2020

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