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They delivered a smudgy car and have worst salesmen!

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22 September 2019

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Owning a BMW had always been my dream since childhood. I recently sold my Datsun and wanted to invest my money over buying a BMW. The prices were very high and not affordable. I dropped buying a brand new car; Instead; I decided to buy a pre-owned car. After doing a lot of research both online and offline, I took my business to the Baron BMW. They had an attractive webpage, and I thought it was the right place to invest. I didn’t think much and made an appointment with the manager of Baron BMW.
He called me up the very next hour and fixed my appointment for the next day. The way the manager conversed made me a fool and predicted the false friendly nature of the whole firm. I went to the place, and they told me to wait for some time to meet the manager. The wait seemed endless, and it took an hour for the manager to call me into his office. I told him about my requirements and the price I will pay so he could show the models accordingly. They then took me to their official showroom, one of their salesmen accompanied me on the way. I was then showed the different cars and stuff, he acted pissed off when I asked him about the specifications of the car and then he even started ignoring my questions. It was confusing, and I needed time to think before I could make a thorough decision. I haven’t bought many cars, so honestly I was a little anxious too.
The sales manager became annoying and responded in a very high-pitched and rude tone; he was really trying to force me into buying one of the uglier cars. He wasn’t behaving properly in front of the customers and was short tempered. I’m pretty sure that guy had major anger issues.
Nevertheless, I decided to buy a BMW X3. I requested the staff member to let me have a test drive before I could finalize the deal, but he denied and said that I would have to pay up some amount to do so. I didn’t want to leave the car, so I paid them around 30% and while I was coming back from the finance department, the manager called me and told me he would directly deliver the car to my address and there is no need for any test drive because the showroom was already closing. I couldn’t help but wait for the car to arrive. I was expecting the car to be delivered by the next day but they kept on delaying and they ended up delivering the car at the end of the week. I was pissed off and annoyed by the poor service of the Baron BMW. They didn’t even clean the car before delivering too; There were some smudge marks on the windows.
I couldn’t regret more buying a car from the Baron BMW, they were not good at their job and the salesman needs to be fired. Please invest your precious money over some other place rather than spending it over here.

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