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This faculty is very rude and non-friendly.

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02 September 2019

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I was gaining a lot of fat over my belly from the past few months and all this was due to lack of exercise and Wendy’s. It was now that I realized that my structure was not at all lean and perfect anymore. I tried hitting the gym, going for walks and many other remedies to get rid of this fat. I was frustrated after many failed attempts and started searching online to somehow get rid of this problem. After a few days of search, I came to know about Trusculpt 3D a new way to burn fat in a very less period of time. This therapy attracted me and I started looking out for salons and spa for the availability of this therapy. After searching for a few weeks I found out Balle Bliss Luxury Medical Spa to be the best at their service and fortunately, they introduced the Trusculpt therapy a few days ago and it seemed to be working successfully.
I made an appointment online at this place for the very next day. I reached the place in time to enquire and know more about this therapy from the staff members out there. I was first told to wait in the lobby as another patient was being treated. I tried to talk to the staff members and was in the urge of knowing about this new and advanced technique. The staff member was not at all friendly, all he said was ‘Hmm’. This became very disturbing because I received the same answer for every question. Then I was full of thirst after talking so much so I requested him to fetch me a glass of water. To which he went away and came back after 10 minutes. I was about to drink the water when I noticed how dirty the fucking water was, I requested him to change the glass and bring me a new glass of fresh water. However, he didn’t pay attention to me and went away. It was finally my turn after an hour of my appointed time.
I went into the clinic and the therapist was also the same as his staff members. When I tried asking him about the procedures and benefits of undergoing this therapy, he started scolding me and made fun of my belly and body-shamed me. This was very much offending and it totally pissed me off. He then made up a prescription quickly and directed me to follow the medicines for a week. They were very expensive and I was not at all convinced to pay that much money over a new therapy. Therefore, I didn’t take the consulted medicines and took myself to some other place where I was treated in a far better way than the Balle Bliss Luxury Medical Spa. Please stay away, all they know is to piss off the mood of their customer.

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