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Balfour / Commemorative Brands Review

Balfour / Commemorative Brands

In 2010 I purchased an expensive flip style ring for my sons graduation. The flip broke, sent it in and repaired it. It broke again, sent it back and they replaced it. It broke a third time and they had me pick a more standard ring. We did. Didn”t have it too long before the top came off. Sent it in, sent another ring. The stone fell out. Another ring, got this had it a few years and the top came off again. Sent it back and they repaired again, this time it comes back with the top stone area crooked. I am tired of this company and their lack of quality and I want my money back. Nothing should break that often. This is a big male high school ring, I have more fragile rings purchased over 25 years ago that have never broken. I have attached a pic of one of the broken scenarios.


  1. Chun Shorr May 23, 2020
  2. Glinda Mcgarrigle May 23, 2020

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