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Baldwin Capital LLC Review

Baldwin Capital LLC

Jamal / William Baldwin contacting my company in order to get his laptop repaired. Upon diagnosing his laptop I called him to let him know what the problem with it was and gave him the cost for repairs. He had no problem with the cost and said just get it done. Obviously he had no problems cause he had no intention of paying. The checking account he paid with was closed. Upon receiving the return check I left him voice mails trying to resolve the issue and did not hear back from him. Looking up his name and company (Baldwin Capital LLC) I came across numerous complaints about the man including his conviction records and a video of him on 11alive news for scamming other people. Check it out here Well any way my county has a bad check citation program. By mailing a certified request for payment to the offender I can wait 10 days for a response and if I gComplete & total lose et none can get a warrant or citation. He has a warrant. Seems harsh but the guy is a repeat offender ripping off everyone he encounters. .

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