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The massage didn’t give any results

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22 September 2019

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Balance Spa sounded great and when you will experience a massage you won’t go back there again!
I enjoy a massage and a relaxed mode at times and chose Balance Spa for the massage and time I needed for myself.
I paid the price and expected the best. The advertisements displayed differed a lot from what I got there in the first place. The beautiful photos of the facility inside drew me there.
I had a massage and it didn’t make me feel relaxed and comfortable on the flat mattress. There’re no cushions to feel soft comfort from the mattress. Staff weren’t helpful and didn’t assist in the massage. They didn’t give me a warm welcome. I had no idea of what to expect in the massage experience. The walkways didn’t have a bubbly welcome. The receptionist didn’t greet me and looked the other way when she saw me enter the waiting room.
The massage didn’t make my body feel relaxed instead, caused unnecessary pain to certain parts.
I walked in the facility thinking I will feel better after a massage, unfortunately, I didn’t feel good after the massage.
There’s no technique in massaging and I felt that in my massage. A lack of other amenities such as the toilets and powder room and the change rooms surprised me!
There are unclean facilities and no towels and clean paper rolls in the toilets. I didn’t see a friendly face nor a happy face when I entered Balance Spa, I didn’t get a pleasant start to my appointments.
This is no place for a massage, and I didn’t get what I paid for at the Balance Spa.
The team has no qualifications in massaging clients and have poor communication skills when asked a question of the techniques of massaging clients. I experienced disappointment and discomfort, lack of assistance and information about massage techniques at Balance Spa.
They aren’t informative of the different techniques in massages. I had massages at the Balance Spa and got no satisfaction from those massages. I felt they stole my pleasure of a massage. This place is overpriced and from my experience, I noticed the impatience they have when massaging a client. They rush their massages to get to the next client. This is unfair to clients as to me and I didn’t enjoy my massage.
I don’t recommend Balance Spa as there’s no professional massage I had and for the poor conditions of amenities I encountered at the facility. I didn’t experience trained staff to assist me in the different techniques of massaging clients. I don’t believe in companies with no customer’s services and care. It is unfair to me and other clients to experience the terrible services and other aspects of Balance Spa. My experience at the company gave me the worst services and the facilities need an upgrade to invite clients, and the staff need sessions to understand techniques in massaging clients. There’s no interest in staff members to please a customer.

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