Bad Boy Furniture

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Bad Boy Furniture | Terrible sales staff!

Wow! What a place to go shopping at. We recently went to the new London Bad Boy to look for appliances because a friend of our was so pleased with their knowledgeable staff when they purchased 5 appliances. We were greeted by a young blonde woman. We stated our desire to look at appliances. With a blank look on her face, she took us to that department. We asked only a couple of questions and she left us standing there. We should not have been surprised because she could not answer either question. All of a sudden she was gone, without a word, and returned with a man, a manager, I think. He was able to answer all of our questions by using the internet. I do not know who my friend dealt with, but, I am sure glad they found someone who new something. The man tried very hard to help us but the woman was absolutely hopeless. I suppose she has some specialty in the store, but she should have stuck to it. If you do not know anything, get someone who does but have the brains to tell your customer that. To just disappear was rude and to stand there and watch like a stalker was intimidating. We left without a purchase and we certainly will not go back.

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