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I was given a Papasan Butterfly swing that was quite expensive as a baby production to use in my household, the swing never worked on slow speed, only fast.. Imagine a new born baby swining at mock ten speed… not the best, might i add. So i brought the swing back, was given a new one after a long complaint made in person, and a bit of a headache as it was a gift and i had no reciept… Brought it home and didnt set it up for a month as i didnt feel like i needed it yet.. When i set it up with my mother in-law, it seems to work for around a month, then slow speed stopped working and the butterfly lights stopped working as well… they make a LOUD clicking noise like something is stuck, click, CLICK CLICK.. is all you can hear, i have sence tryed to have a manageer call me back, no calls were giving after hours to try to get through to their phone line, since its always ringning busy… today i finally was told that because its not showing up on my registry and i have no reciept that i am pretty much out of luck, i am not please as my child is 5 months, id propable only use it for a few more months and the thing cost over 200. dollars… I just assume to shop for used stuff online now as the quality verus expsence if propable comaprable and more pleasing, uGGHh

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