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02 September 2019

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The word ‘Rejuvenate’ means ‘to make someone or something look or feel better, younger’. The reason why I stated the meaning of the word will be told at the end of this narration of a horrific incident. Since childhood, I had pimples on my face. I did not bother about it much then but as I grew older, I noticed that the problem didn’t go away. Not only did it look bad, but it also made me lose my confidence. I decided not to just sit around and worry. I thought of taking care of the problem myself by using the internet for suggestions on what to do but I decided not to take such risks, not when it is about my facial skin. Therefore, I started looking online for suitable clinics to get proper treatment. After researching for quite some time, I decided to go to Azure Rejuvenation Center for acne treatment. I scheduled an appointment after contacting the place.
All the talk about the staff being friendly was complete and utter bullshit as I was not even given a glass of water after requesting it. I was made to wait an hour before being called into the dermatologist’s cabin. The dermatologist after listening to my problems told me that it (my problem) is not a big deal and it will be taken care off. She told me that there would be two scheduled sessions per week and I would have to follow her instructions carefully otherwise the ‘ugliness will not fade’ (yeah, that is what the DERMATOLOGIST said).
The very first session was awful. The doctor applied a chemical peel on my face and instructed me to stay still for half an hour. After the time was up, all of a sudden, without even warning me, she peeled off the chemical peel off my face so aggressively that one of my pimples burst and it started bleeding. She did not even apologize for it. These sessions continued for a month.
The next phase of treatment was the removal of blackheads. The tools that the dermatologist used seemed rusty and old. Instead of removing them gently, she used force to do it. The removal hurt more than the bursting of pimples. It took all of my strength to endure the torturous treatment I was undergoing. The aggressive use of the tools left scars which were too apparent for anyone to notice. After two weeks of torture, I could not take it anymore and I decided to stop the treatment at the horrific place.
As the name of the place has ‘Rejuvenation’, being their customer, I can assure you that neither did that place make me feel good and nor did it make me feel better. I had to go to another clinic and get another treatment in order to fix the damage done to my face by Azure Rejuvenation Center.
I would never, ever recommend anyone to go that horrendous place because of obvious reasons. The staff members, the ambience and even the dermatologists there are absolutely unprofessional and uncompassionate.

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