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Many people make mistakes by judging a book by its cover, so did I.

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04 September 2019

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I own a car and it is about 4 years old now. I have been recently struggling with the breaks of my car. They had become too old to pursue. Therefore, I decided to replace them because failing the same would violate my license for driving a car with brake failure. I decided to take them to the Awesome Automotive & Diagnostic Repair Inc because it was nearby and seemed awesome online. The name of the place tempted me that I blindly thought they would be the best in their business.
I made an appointment with the shop owner over a phone call. He fixed the date of my appointment but the time was not yet fixed. Therefore, he assured me that he would revert to me as soon as he frees himself up. I waited for his response for the next three days. I couldn’t wait anymore so I called him up from the front. He then apologized for keeping me waiting for days. He gave me the timing right then for the very next day. I showed up early and waited for my turn so that I could explain to the mechanic the details about my car. I waited for an hour when I came to know that the mechanic handed over with my work didn’t show up and they would have to fix another date for my car. I requested them to replace the mechanic and do my work by the end of the day, it was next to impossible they said and told me to wait for one more day. I had no other choice but to wait.
I came up to them the other day and finally they considered my car, I told them about the problem that my car was experiencing. They said it was known to them and they have been working on it for decades. This was a very rude way of behaving with a customer. I was then told to wait outside because they didn’t have a lobby inside. I kept waiting for 3 hours until the mechanic came and told me that there was a certain fault with the engine and that needed to be fixed as soon as possible or else it would be very risky to drive. I accepted their proposal at once and was told to wait for some time until the work was done. It took the whole day for the car to get repaired fully and was handed over to me in the evening. When I drove it for the first time I saw that the breaks were not working at all and the car didn’t stop immediately. It was such a risky job to take my car back to the shop to get the issue repaired. I reached the place again and told them about the issue. They made the excuse that due to the excess load of work they forgot to fit the rubber soles. It was very disappointing and if I wouldn’t have known it before taking it off to the highway I could have possibly met an accident due to break fail. I would never take my car to a place like this where the work is not done correctly and also it was very time-consuming. Please take your car somewhere else rather than showing up to the Awesome Automotive & Diagnostic Repair Inc. it was not at all ‘Awesome’

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