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The van we received was the worst

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22 September 2019

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AVR Airport Van Rental – Las Vegas is an unprofessional company and my experience explains details of terrible communication skills from employees.
The unpleasant staff didn’t look happy to assist me in my needs.
I called the company for a rental van and waited on line for ten minutes and no one talked on the phone. It wasn’t what I had expected from the company. I called again and a woman answered unprofessionally like she’s answering her home telephone. This is frustrating when you don’t get what you want from the customer’s service.
I kindly mentioned what is it that I would like to rent for my guests. She promised the van will be there as planned. Unfortunately, this promise wasn’t fulfilled.
I arrived and no van and this didn’t look good for me and had to yell at someone for their poor services given to me.
The problem lies in poor employment of untrained staff with no kind of skills toward clients.
I waited an hour for the van and wasn’t impressed with the driver nor the services of AVR Airport Van Rental – Las Vegas. I paid high charges and didn’t get the services for my payment.
The van isn’t in good working condition.
The air-conditioning of the van was out of order no comfort form the old seats.
It was an expensive trip and but we got nothing good from the van or the company.
It was a terribly maintained van and with no pleasant driver.
I felt disappointed and unhappy with the service from AVR Airport Van Rental – Las Vegas.
This company is not worth your money and good nature. It is unprofessional and not warm and welcoming to clients. My experience was awful!
You get what you pay for and I didn’t get what I paid for this company
I noticed stains on the back seat and the inside of the van is in a poor sight.
No good floors and the roof of the vehicle have holes.
I won’t contact another company such as this one again.
I had confidence in the company when I first heard of it. I didn’t realize the misleading information on the website. I rushed into decision-making and got nothing good from AVR Airport Van Rental – Las Vegas.
The rude team didn’t feel the need to prioritize the customer’s service.
The company understaffed and don’t attend to you immediately!
My experience at the company is a downer and this is unacceptable!
I filled in forms and felt everything was for the rental shuttle. According to staff, I hadn’t given much information about the rental shuttle.
I wasn’t pleased with the poor efforts of the company to make my rental experience an excellent one.
I don’t recommend a company for the negative points I experienced, and for everything that didn’t give me satisfaction at AVR Airport Van Rental – Las Vegas.

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