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Aventura Motors

I was in the market for a vintage vehicle. I knew I wanted a Triumph Tr6. I looked all over and finally found something from Aventura Motors that “LOOKED” excellent. A supposedly mint 1975 Tr6. I called Aventura and got ahold of a sales rep named Todd. He was very friendly and eager to help. He answered all of my questions and painted a picture of a car that was artfully restored by an individual in New Jersey. Supposedly this was an individual who cared greatly for Triumphs and who took great pride in his restorations. He spoke of the new paint job, the newly refurbished interior, and the complete engine reworking. All of the pictures looked incredible and Todd was quite anxious to get me in the drivers seat. Needless to say I was sold. We settled on a price that, at the time, seemed be perfectly acceptable for the quality of the vehicle. But upon receiving the car, I was sorely disappointed. The first thing I noticed was the exhaust dangling from the underside of the car. A cheap hanger and bolt had given way leaving the muffler hanging by a thread. The next thing that struck me was the completely warped driver side door frame. The door was slightly ajar and I had to literally pry it open. Once open, it would not close completely. On top of that, the paint job on the drivers door did not match the rest of the car, and the interior paneling was hanging off. The next issue, of many… the car would not start. The shipper had to jump start the car before we could unload it from the car carrier. After getting the car home, I begun my inspection. Here is a list of everything that I have discovered to be wrong, so far… – misaligned/warped front bumper – destroyed carb diaphragms resulting in poor engine performance – the dash is in complete disrepair/ needs to be replaced – shifter boot is tattered and torn – some lights and blinkers inoperative – needs all new grommets – needs new shocks – rims tarnished and dinged/ chipped – rear badge is chipped and cracked – all chrome is tarnished – paint job is weak/ chipped and uneven So in conclusion, I was completely misled. Todd was dishonest and frankly, lied about the condition of the vehicle he was selling. He lied to me, the customer. I strongly urge any potential buyer to beware and keep looking. There are good car dealerships, and there are bad car dealerships. Aventura Motors falls into the latter category.

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