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17 September 2019

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Want your vehicles to be transported somewhere else? Please do not choose AutoVocity Transport. I have experienced their services and I could have asked someone else or done it on my own. Everything would have been easier and better if it were not them for transportation. I could have at least saved my time and a lot of money by choosing someone else. But my office was relocated and I was promoted as head of sales department of the new office and my company hired AutoVocity Transport for transporting the vehicles for office use and I thought of them as a reliable source for my personal stuff too. We were moving to Florida. My office had 6 vehicles that were supposed to be moved to Florida and they chose AutoVocity Transport for them. A huge mistake I must say. Well, I do not know what the head of my office had to go through when it comes to booking but my experience is a terrible one. Their customer service sucks. I called them a thousand times for the booking but they were either putting me on hold or leaving the calls unattended. I did not have enough time to go through the research process and choose someone else. I was asked to join the new office by August 15th and I planned everything according to that. The shippers for my stuff were booked right on time but AutoVocity Transport has a lot on their plate so they did not bother to pick up my calls. Finally, when I was blessed to have them in touch, they seemed a little frustrated or whatsoever but quite an unexpected attitude from them. They took all the details in a rush and I repeatedly told them to pick up my car and deliver it to the destination on the desired day. As per the decided day, the carrier arrived and I was a bit relaxed that they might deliver it on time too but it was dumb of me to think like that about these bastards. I reached my place and my stuff arrived after 6 hours. I started all the unpacking and was calling AutoVocity Transport for an update. Just like the other day, they were not picking up. I emailed them too, left messages on their live chat but there was no response. After three days of my arrival, they got the time to call me and let me know that there had been some issues in arranging a driver for my enclosed shipping and my car has now been dispatched. I obviously could not help myself and my tone was rude as hell. At the end of the day, my car was with them so I controlled my temper. The car was supposed to be at my doorstep within three days but it has been 5 days now. I am facing a lot of trouble because of them. Two hours earlier, I received an email from them which has the bill. I have been charged for changing my service from open to enclosed shipping which I did not. I had only asked them once to confirm the enclosed carrier or other transportation.

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