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Shipped two cars at wrong addresses and falsely charged me

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16 September 2019

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If you really want a car to be delivered at the right place and on the right time, please DO NOT GO TO AUTOS ON THE GO. They are just liars who will try to make as much money as possible without any concerns about your car’s safety or the value of time. Due to some issues with my office location, I had to move to a different residence. I lived with my mom until now but as I had to move, she also decided to move back to Hawaii to my brother’s place. Both of us owned cars so we needed someone to transport our cars to the respective destinations along with our stuff. I came across Autos On The Go and the reason for choosing them was my mom. Her preferred company is quite ignorant when it comes to Hawaii and even if you find the firm, the shipping fee is quite high. Nonetheless, I decided to choose Autos On The Go for our cars. They are located at 32035 Tareyton St., Farmington Hill, Miami. They cannot deal with customers properly or maybe the representative I had to talk to was not at all competent for her job. She did not know a thing about the services that the firm provides or the costs. She continuously had someone to guide her and I could hear both of them talking. I felt like she was a translator or something. Finally, after half an hour she was clear about the kind of service I need and she took all the details. I had booked them two days prior to the shipping so I forgot to get a follow up in my busy schedule. The driver was supposed to be at my place by 10 am to tow the car and move on to the destination but he arrived at 12:30 pm. When I asked him the reason, he started yelling rather than being apologetic. I had made it very clear that my mom’s Civic has to be shipped to Hawaii. Instead, my car was shipped to Hawaii and my mom’s car is parked at my new residence. Upon calling the customer support, they were constantly trying to defend the representative. I gave them all the details but still, their irresponsibility has gotten me into such mess. The other person from their customer support told me the addresses and they were perfectly fine but were entered for opposite cars. I am already pissed off because of all the moving thing and now these bastards have gotten me into another trouble. I had to pay $1500 for both the cars to be shipped. Shockingly, I am charged for three shipments which they are not accepting and accusing me of lying to them. They have comparatively lower rates but their services are very poor. I am now in Texas and finding another shipping company that could help me do the right thing because Autos On The Go has made money from my pocket and the fucking bastards are not responding to my calls or emails.

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