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I was so furious that my father had to order me to sit in the car and drive back home.

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09 September 2019

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After waiting almost my entire childhood and most of my teenage years, my father finally gave me his car. It was a vintage car which was gifted to my father by my grandfather. Now you know how much the car means to me. I got the car as a birthday present from my father. I promised him that I would take care of it with all of my might. I had already made a list of upgrades the car would need if I ever got the keys and I did get it eventually. It was now time for some repairs and upgrades to kick in.
Firstly, I got the engine repaired by a known mechanic. It had been having some problems and so I got it fixed by a trusted mechanic. Then came the new paint job. I took the time to look for the best shop in town to get the job done. The car looked even more fantastic after getting a new paint job. The last thing was getting the windows tinted. I wanted to get them tinted to keep the car a bit cooler and of course, the beauty that would be added as a contributing factor. After researching for reputed window-tinting shops, I came across Auto tint. After reading the reviews and thinking about it, I decided to go to this place.
I got out of my car and talked with one of the employees. There did not seem to be much professionalism in him as he was on his phone throughout the conversation. I had to call out for getting some of his precious time. After ‘listening’, he simply said that all my needs would be taken care of and assured me of the quality of window films that would be used. I walked out of there quite assured of the service I was going to get.
It had been a week and I did not get a call back from the place. I was starting to get worried about my car. I decided to call them and when luckily the call got connected, I inquired about the status and they told me it was not done yet and that I would receive a call as soon as it is done.
I had to wait another week until I finally received a call. I went there with my father to collect the car. I was excited. The moment I saw my car, all the excitement vanished from my eyes. The window film was not fitted properly, there were scratches on almost all the windows and to top it all, the paint job was all spoiled too because there were scratch marks. It hurt me so much that I lashed out at the employees there. My father had to control me and tell me to calm down. I wanted to slap the guy who had assured me but I controlled myself.
If you want to get your precious vehicle spoiled, go right ahead and drive to AutoTint.

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