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I forgave them but never forgot.

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04 September 2019

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It takes a lot of energy and courage to forgive someone and especially when that person has not even asked for your forgiveness. Forgiving such a person does not mean that you are weak. It just states that you are stronger and more forgiving but there is a saying – ‘Forgive but never forget’ and I live by it.
It took me more than six years and save up enough to fulfil my goal of owning a car. I spent endless days and nights, working overtime, to save up money. At last, I finally brought my dream car – A mustang. I wanted all the parts of my car to be customized so that my sense of style could be flaunted by it. I decided to get some parts changed. I wanted to get new spoilers fitted. I also wanted the body kit changed. I did not have any idea about any of these car-related things but wherever I went, the employees of the shop explained all the aspects to me as I was their customer but this did not happen every time. The last item left to be customised on my list was my car windows. Getting proper service at a reputed place was my top priority and therefore, I started researching about places. It took me a while to come across Auto Reflections Window Tinting. When I did, I was impressed by their website. It seemed nice online and the reviews too seemed genuine. After doing a lot of thinking, I decided to go to this place.
The next day, I took my new car to the place. I had to wait outside the shop for half an hour as all the people there were ‘busy’. Finally, an employee came to me. Since I did not have any idea about window tinting, the very first thing I asked him about what window tints are. He rudely replied that if I do not even know about it then why am I standing there. I decided to take it as a joke and asked him about the different types of tints but he was in no mood to explain. After stating a few types randomly, he asked me what did I want. I told him about my requirement of a coloured protective window film for my new car. After listening to this, the first thing that he told me was the estimated cost for the ‘best’ window film. Although the price was a lot, I did not want to compromise and so I told him to do whatever will be good for the car. He assured me and told me to come after a few days.
After three days, I went there but the person whom I had spoken to was not there. Another employee came out in my car and I was disappointed the moment I looked at it. The window tint was not visible and I remember telling him specifically to go for a protective tint. The quality of the film was probably really, really bad if not worse and there were apparent scratches on them too.
I would recommend you, for your car’s sake, to stay away as far away from the place as possible.

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