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What a horrible place!

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09 September 2019

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Emotions are complex. An action sparked by emotions makes you regret later and I have a proper example to prove this. Since my early teenage days, the concept of cars fascinated me. I was always so intrigued by their mechanism and especially by the way they functioned. I had always wanted a car but I because of having a strict father, I never had the permission to buy one myself. You could probably understand my elation when I was gifted a car by my father. It was such an emotional moment for me. My father, being the man that he is, made me promise him that I would take care of the car no matter what and I would never be careless enough to damage it. In the heat of the moment, I made a promise to him that I would always take care of the car.
One day, while my friends and I were out, we decided to stop and buy some soda cans. As soon as I had one in my hand, I threw it to one of my buddies hoping that he would catch it but unfortunately, he did not. The soda can hit the windshield directly and there it was, my first careless mistake – A broken windshield. I knew my father would take away my car and so I hurriedly decided to get the windshield fixed without any delay. I searched online for repairing shops and the first name that popped out was Authentic Auto Body Parts. It was the closest to my location and therefore, I rushed to the place. I talked with the employee and told him about my urgent need to get the shattered windshield replaced with a similar one. He assured me that he has the same windshield and told me to come after a day to collect the car. He charged me extra for wanting the car back so early and on such short notice. I gave him the money and went back home. When my father asked me about the car, I told him that I left the car at the car wash. Luckily, he believed me. The next day, I went there and the employee told me it would take another day. I had no choice but to wait. I made another excuse at home and realized that my father was on to me.
The next day, I reached there to collect the car and to my horror, the new windshield was an old one with a hell lot of scratches on it. I could not believe my eyes. The paint was scratched at several places. I demanded a refund but they told me they would need to take the windshield off and therefore I decided not to argue.
My father understood the moment he saw the car and took away the keys from me. So you see, I regretted the decision I made in the heat of the moment of going to the horrible place called Authentic Auto Body and Collision. I would never recommend anyone to go that horrible place as there is nothing ‘Authentic’ about it.

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