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Australian Vanlines Alice Springs Review

Australian Vanlines Alice Springs

In August 2012 “Your small amount of goods will be delivered in six to eight weeks” was the answer to my question of wait time for delivery from Australia to Ukraine for a “door to door” contract. Almost FOUR MONTHS taken to get it on a ship! And SIXTEEN MONTHS for delivery!!! WHEW! And delivery only because I had to take charge as AUSTRALIAN VANLINES (AVL) were totally incapable of causing delivery. I”ve approximately 350 or more Emails with more than 100 direct to AVL, invoices and bank statements of proof of payments generated because of the incompetence of this totally inept “International moving” company. There”s a total of four (4) companies and an un-named shipping line AND myself involved because AVL couldn”t control a simple task. Initial contracted cost was $AUD4, 150. Total cost to me to actually effect delivery is well in excess of $13, 000, a mental break-down requiring hospitalisation and VERY close to a broken marriage, not mention financial ruin on my now seriously depleted aged disability pension savings. Mental trauma and constant medication continues as I try to recover my costs from this…this… well…what can one call them? A reply from my 9 page complaint letter to the Sydney manager Mr Kegan Vallaydam says he knew nothing of the problem until my letter arrived in December 2013, so just WHAT were the people I had contact in his office with, thinking. I have 3 Emails from him December/January saying “…it”s not our fault…” and “…we”ll have meetings and sort it…” etc. Now, March 2014 has come and gone…NOTHING FURTHER. But I will NOT give up! I can supply Emails, my letter of complaint to AVL, invoices, bank statements etc from the very beginning. I”ve dealt with some dodgy companies in my life but this mob are head and shoulders above the rest. It is my opinion the information, claims and chest thumping on the AVL website are fraudulent and totally misleading in the extreme. AVL could not cause my goods to be delivered as contracted, so I require the initial cost paid to them for the job of “door to door” PLUS I require all money spent by me to effect eventual delivery to my home. Mr Vallaydam”s contact details are; Kegan Vallaydam Australian Vanlines Pty Ltd Management Ph: [protected] Fax: [protected] Email: [protected] AVL know my shipment as; 158263 Huet My Email address is; [protected] I will be eternally grateful for your assistance. Yours faithfully Jim Huet

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