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Beware of Aurora Health Care

I was a kitchen porter at Aurora Sinai Medical Center working from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Kitchen manager Maria Limon and Kitchen Supervisor Cary Bartz worked me too hard by having me doing other co-workers jobs like washing pots and pans with Jean Heinz, Jean washes the pots and pans, but she don”t run the pots and pans through the dishwasher when I arrive in the kitchen to start my shift.She gets way behind in her work!!! I asked Jean why she don”t run the pots and pans through the dishwasher, She said she cannot do two things at one time!!! Ronald the white guy kitchen worker, He was taking vacations too much, He want co-workers to do his work.Angie Wallace be taking up too much vacation time so that co-workers can do her work.I had to transport carts up to the second, third, fourth and fifth floors.I had problems with Ann Moore light-skinned black female.She looked at me all crazy and She had a bad attitude with me, Me and her got into an argument, Hospital security got involved and Maria Limon suspended me for one week until the investigation clears up Ann Moore did not get suspended!!! Hospital security be taking sides with bad co-workers who cause and start trouble with the good co-workers!!! Human Resources Iris Lowry and Denise be taking up and taking sides with bad co-workers who start problems with you!!! I quit Aurora Sinai Medical Center because of their wrongful foolish actions!!! Maria Limon be suspending kitchen co-workers over little things and Cary Bartz be backing Maria Limon up and protecting her from kitchen co-workers!!! Stay away from Aurora Sinai Medical Center, Stay away from Maria Limon and Cary Bartz!!! Do not apply at Aurora Sinai Medical Center and St Luke”s Hospital!!! Because they will screw you!!!


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