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I’m now an aupair in the USA, and I went thru the aupair care agency because they told me how good they are and that you get support thru your whole year! Everything worked out well untill I actually started to have problems with the family, I tried to call the local area director, but she NEVER pick up her phone and it takes up to 2 weeks untill she finally calls back! And on the coffee meetings she always talk bad about other aupairs and tell everybody about diffrednt aupairs and their problems! She have called me maybe 2times for the check up calls, she is so lazy and as soon somebody needs help she just turn her backs on them because she is so lazy! why do more work then you have to ? And now to my final problem I decided to exctend for another 12 months, I got my application approved and I got all my papers and I started to interviewing, until they just cut me off ! I didn’t hear anything about it from the agency, I heard it from my host mom ! My host mom told me that the agency called them but they didn’t call me, I’ve been trying to e-mail them I e-mailed 5 different people that workes for the agency and didn’t get any respond what so ever ! And the reason ? because of rumors about me and that I’ve been doing stuff I’m not allowed to when it was all about a missunderstanding between my host dad and me! He called the agency and told them I was doing a bad job . . . They trusted him and cut me off ! Without telling me, and I heard it from my hoost mom. The otherside, my current hostfamily is allowed to get a new aupair even tho they’ve been buying alcohol to underage aupairs, but they didn’t get kicked out ! I drank a few times as an underage but never got in any problems what so ever and they cut me out ! and speaking of my area director !! she have an x-aupair living in her house on a traveling visa! not a working visa wich is illegal ! Seriously this agency is just crap ! I would never recomend it to anybody, not the aupairs and not the hostfamilies, because when you need help they just turn their backs on you and try to ignore you ! I now got a returning flight request for my homeflight, dind’t get a call got an e-mail I aksed them again why the family gets another aupair but I don’t et a new family, no respond! And now she responded in the e-mail i sent her and she said she need my return flight information, and I have to pay the late fee of 100dollars evwn tho I paid the extention fee of 250 dollar ! SEriously I have give up all hope of this bad agency, this year was suppose to be a good year that I could enjoy But it has been my worst experience ever ! The only good thing is that I bonded really good with the kids I care for I love them to death and they are like my siblings. NEVER SIGN UP WITH AUPAIR CARE, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, JUST THE MONEY !!!


  1. Sara Aukes May 23, 2020
  2. Darnell Agreda May 23, 2020
  3. Viki Anibal May 23, 2020
  4. Annemarie Kipka May 23, 2020

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