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Not only did they spoil the paint of my car, but also installed bad lights.

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09 September 2019

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I had gotten quite an expensive gift from my brother. He gifted me my dream car – A Mustang. I thought it was a prank but when I saw the car parked outside, I could not believe my eyes.
Unfortunately, the car was in a terrible accident and it suffered quite a lot. The accident messed it up pretty bad, but what made it worse was the work done by the people at Audio Solutions and Accessories.
Most of the parts were damaged – the bonnet was dented; the headlights were broken and the windows and mirrors got cracked because of the collision. The only thing that was not damaged was the wheels. I made a list of repairs that were to be done to make them look as it looked when it was all new and shiny. Firstly, I got the dents fixed by the local mechanic. It took some time but the repairing of the outer body was done. After that, it was the turn of the windows. I had to get new windows installed and this time, I went for tempered glass windows. The final thing on the list was headlights and it was the most important thing because due to a dimmer light bulb, the accident had occurred. I decided to look up for a reputed place to get new headlights from. It took me some time but I finally found out about Audio Solutions and Accessories from a colleague. I read the reviews and about the services they offered and I decided to go for it.
I reached the place and had a long talk with the employee. He suggested me to go for the brightest LED bulbs as it would illuminate the road at night as the sun does at daytime. The price was high but the assurance given to me about how the bulbs would last a lifetime made me agree to get the bulbs installed at Audio Solutions and Accessories.
I left my car there and went back home, happy and satisfied because of the pep talk by the employee. I got a call after 4 days stating that the bulbs had been installed. I went there to collect my car and when I was about to get in, I saw the mew paint scratched up. There were also evident marks near the skirts of the gates. I did not understand how a bulb installation could get the paint scratched. Although I was a bit angry, I decided to drive out of there peacefully.
It had not even been a week when the bulbs started fluctuating and finally stopped working. I was disappointed and called the place up in a fit of rage. They denied the possibility of installing bad bulbs and because of this, I was also denied the refund.
I would recommend each and everyone to stay as far away from the wretched place as possible.

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