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Didn’t repair my car at all

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24 September 2019

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After scheduling a service appointment at Audi South Burlington, I reached the place at the exact time to get my car repaired. On reaching the place, I was told that there had been a mistake and that the mechanic was not present that day. It took me some time to fathom this. To not miss the service appointment, I had not gone for my regular monthly checkup at the dentist. It was frustrating for me but I did not have any other choice but to return to the place after two days to attend the postponed appointment. Recently, after a collision with another car, my car’s physical looks, as well as the performance both, had gone down. I did not want to go to any local shop and therefore I decided to go to an authorized showroom of Audi. It took me some time to get hold of the name of the nearest service centre but the moment I found out about Audi South Burlington, I did waste a second to schedule an appointment. It felt embarrassing moving around in a car with dents and scratches and so I did not want to procrastinate.
I went to the place for a second time and thankfully, this time there was no mistake. I met the mechanic and told him all about the repairs that needed to be carried out. After listening to me, he inspected the car for internal damages and after that, he made a list of all the parts that needed to be replaced. He handed out the list to me and I saw that there were some really expensive parts required. The cost was quite high but the only thing that made me give the mechanic a heads-up was the trust I had in the company’s name. I paid the whole thing off and went home. Delivery of the car was promised to me after a week and they told me that the car would be delivered to my doorstep. A week passed away and I called the place on the eighth day to remind them of their promise. I got some not-so-good news as they told me that I would need to go down to the place to pick up my car. Once again, I had no choice but to go there myself to bring my car back home. On reaching the place, I saw that the car was already parked outside. I took a closer look at the car and I could not have been more horrified. It did not feel like that the dents had been even retouched at all. There were still apparent marks and scratches all over the body. To make things even worse, there were now scribbled scratches on the windshield too. The only thing that seemed to have been done was a car wash. Despite asking aggressively for a refund, I was denied one. All I could do was walk out of there without my car and that is what I did.
If you ever want to get your Audi serviced, do yourself a favour and stay away from Audi of Burlington.

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