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Didn’t repair my car even after keeping it for 2 weeks

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22 September 2019

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Being a proud owner of an Audi for almost 6 years, I had a sudden urge as well as need to add another to my collection. I decided to get my old Audi serviced and give it to my younger brother and buy myself a new one. My old Audi had a few minor issues and apart from those, it was working perfectly fine and the problems too could have been fixed with a servicing session. I gave him the responsibility of finding an Audi Dealership nearby. After a week of researching, he recommended me to go to Audi North Shore. He said that he had already contacted the place and that I was good to go the very next day. He had also scheduled a car servicing appointment for the next day too. That made it convenient for me as the next day was a holiday for me. I took my Audi and went to the Audi North Shore the next day.
On reaching, I decided to meet the technician and discuss the issues with my old Audi. I had to wait for some time before meeting the mechanic. The mechanic came finally and I told him about the issues. He checked the car for around 5 minutes and told me that there was a problem with the suspension. Although the rate of the repair was expensive, I gave the mechanic the heads up for doing it. After finishing the paperwork process, I headed over to the actual place where the cars were on display. I approached a salesperson and requested him to suggest me some good models after I told him the features I was looking for. After showing me two or three cars, he started getting frustrated. No matter what I asked him, he replied rudely. I did not want to keep up with such behaviour being a customer and therefore I walked out of there. I did not want to purchase from a place where the employees do not treat a customer with the most basic trait which is respect. Unfortunately, I still had to go and collect the car from the damned place. I had been given a date after seven days for collecting my old Audi.
Even after 10 days, the car’s repairing had not been done. I had to call them up several times to tell them to hurry up. After a long time of 2 weeks, I was finally called by them. I reached the place and went in to collect my car. The car did not seem to be in good condition. It looked as if it had not been taken care of properly in the past few weeks. I took my car and came back out of there.
The car started showing the same signs of trouble and when I called Audi North Shore, they said that I would need to pay again for getting another service.
Do not become a victim. Be smart and do not ever think of going to Audi North Shore as that place is filled up with a bunch of people who are all unprofessional.

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