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Terrible staff, not worth doing business with

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24 September 2019

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While searching for pre-owned car dealerships around my area, I found out about Audi Chantilly. I saw a lot of reviews about the place and there were mixed reviews. I had no option but to go there as there were not many options available. Since I had sold my old car, I wanted to try out something new and fresh but I had a limited budget and so I took the decision of going for a new car. I scheduled an appointment after looking for a few cars online. I did not have enough time to check out all the options on the website and thus I thought of going to the showroom and discuss the specifications of some cars with the salesperson. A day after I had scheduled the appointment, I got a call from the place stating that my appointment had been postponed. I had any meeting on the date to which the appointment was pushed. I was in a desperate need of a car and therefore I did not have the luxury of cancelling the appointment. I had to cancel all my meetings in order to make it to the Audi Chantilly’s appointment.
Finally, after a week, the day of the appointment arrived. I reached the place early and had to wait for a salesperson. There was no one around apart from a grumpy old man who acted as if the place was his. He constantly kept asking me the reason for my visit. I had to keep avoiding him and his silly questions until the salesperson arrived. I introduced myself and told him about my need. I also showed him the list of cars I had saved on my phone. After seeing it, He told me that out of the four cars, three had already been sold. I then realized that the contents on the website had not been updated and therefore I had wasted my time by going there. The only car that matched was not in good condition. I had cancelled all my meetings for nothing. I was walking out when I was stopped by the salesperson. He insisted that I look at some new arrivals. As he was so insisting, I decided to stay and look at some cars in order to not be rude. After almost an hour, I decided to leave but the salesperson was adamant on showing me some more. He kept on being persuasive. After a little, it got awkward. At one point, he even grabbed my arm. I had to forcefully shrug him off. Because of this, he started abusing me. He cursed me for being a ‘poor bastard’. I decided not to indulge in a fight because clearly, the man had some unresolved issues.
I did not expect such behaviour from an employee working at such a reputed company’s showroom. I was really disappointed and thus decided never to visit Audi Chantilly ever again. I would also like to advise everyone to not go to the place where there is no respect for the customer as well as his or her needs.

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