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date published
11 September 2019

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Jeff Dawson

My experience with Atlas Staffing was not good at all. I was desperately looking for a job and one of my friends recommended me to contact them. So I went to their website. As we all know, after a certain age, everyone wants to be independent, have a job and get married. That’s something normal and considered the right thing to do. Let me share my own experience here.
As I said told you before, I was jobless for some time and applied for the job through all channels I could but none of them was successful. The last job I was in, I got fired from there because my boss wanted to do a scam and I refused to stay on board. So, after my friend’s recommendation, I visited the website of Atlas Staffing. There were no bad reviews on their site at all. It was foolish of me to not consider the fact that they can also delete the bad reviews on their site by themselves. So, I decided to take a chance with this company as I did not have any other choice. First, I log in at their site after registration, created my profile and submitted my updated CV at Atlas Staffing with all the proper information. I told them about the last company’s situation as well. I was being honest with them all the time. Very next day, one of their representatives called me and after greetings offered me some fast-paced services if I wanted to have a job urgently. Upon my acceptance, he asked me to pay a $ 100 fee for express services which I paid happily, as I wanted a job at any cost and as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they also told me not to find any other job or contact any other recruiting firm and just wait. Then after one week, they said they want some more time, so I kept on waiting for their response for many weeks to come. I was trusting them blindly. But, they looted my crucial time. I did not know, it will be a complete waste of my time. It has been 3 months now and I still haven’t received any phone call from them or any interview call from their clients or any recruiter from their panel. I have concluded that they are just professional liars, they give you false hopes and want you to wait endlessly. After three months of disappointment, I started looking for jobs again and found a suitable job just within one month. Atlas Staffing is a complete failure and I am writing their true feedback. I expect you to stay away from these liars!!!

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