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Astorg Auto – Stole my car’s parts!!!

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22 September 2019

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My Dodge had started showing signs of trouble and before it was late, I decided to get it checked at a reputed place. I did not know much about the places and therefore searched online for nearby places. Even after searching for a few days, I could not find any place which seemed good enough. At last, I was suggested by a friend to look online for Astorg Auto of Charleston. I searched online and found out about their website. Although properly designed, it seemed a bit complicated to me. I found the ‘Service’ and found out about an authorized service centre of Dodge. I scheduled an appointment by calling up the place. I did not want to procrastinate any further and luckily, I got an appointment date for the very next day.
On reaching the place, I saw a car being serviced. A staff member threw a wrench at the mechanic fixing the car and it hit the car’s windshield. Instead of being worried, they both started laughing. This was the moment when doubt about the place struck my mind. Since I did not have much time and wanted to get the car fixed as soon as possible, I decided to oversee the incident I had just seen and move forward. I met the mechanic there and told him about the problem with the gears. It took a lot of pressure to change the gears. The mechanic checked the gears and told me that it would cost a lot of money to be repaired. He did not even tell me the reason behind it. At that point, I was desperate enough to agree to it and request him to fix the problem. I could feel that something wrong was going to happen the moment I left the place.
After two weeks, I got a call back from the place. I went to receive the car. Surprisingly, there was no issue with the car at the time I was there. I was happy and relieved that the problem had been solved. I did not know that a bigger problem was going to present itself later on.
While I was driving, I noticed that the sound of my engine had changed a little. I got out of my car to check and noticed that some of its parts had been changed. I contacted them about this problem. They told me that they would call me back but it has been a month and no contact has been made from their side. One week ago, I took my car to another place (those guys still hadn’t called me) and the mechanic there told me that my engine’s expensive parts had been replaced with cheap ones. Those guys ripped me off. The people at Astorg Auto don’t have a speck of professionalism. They STOLE MY CAR’S PARTS!
If you want to get your service, go to any other place, literally any other place but do not even think of going to Astorg Auto.

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