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ASTAR | Extended delay in getting credit card refund

I was called and pressured into accepting a travel package. When I called them and requested a refund was told I could get one but needed to send their travel package back immediately. This I did promptly the same day.Unfortunately for me, I did not get my refund “promptly”. It took 4 and a half months for me to get a refund and only after I contacted the Better Business Bureau in West Florida about this company.Also, unfortunately for me the 4 and a half month delay cost me over $100 in exchange rate and credit card interest. When I complained about this I was told that they will give me in a travel package as compensation.I doubt that I will get this package as they have never contacted me again, even though I contacted them and asked questions like what type of travel package, when could I travel on it, is it just for me or can someone else accompany me etc.I would like to thank the BBB of West Florida for their help and tell others (sorry about the shout) “HANG UP ON ASTAR” they are a rude, unreputible company.Thanks for letting me vent about this dispicable company.

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